Project Description
A Java application which connects to a Blue Iris Video Security server and displays live camera views in high resolution.

If you are running Blue Iris 4.0.5, you need to update to BlueIrisViewer 2.5.2 or newer.

This is a 3rd-party tool designed to be used with Blue Iris Video Security software. Blue Iris can be found at

BlueIrisViewer is intended to be used from the same LAN as the Blue Iris server. It uses a lot of bandwidth to deliver high resolution images from all your cameras at once, such that most internet connections and even some WiFi may not be able to keep up.

Instant Replay

There is an Instant Replay feature which allows you to quickly and easily scan through the last few minutes of video and re-watch events as if they were live. Please note that this feature makes heavy, constant use of your hard drive for caching video frames, and as such it is recommended that you do not run this app from a solid state drive (SSD) if you have Instant Replay enabled, as this would significantly shorten the life of the SSD. It is fine to run the app from an SSD if Instant Replay is disabled.

For more information, check the discussion thread on IP Cam Talk:

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